The Secret For Success

So, you want to know the secret…

Well, have you ever wondered how some people are so successful, can achieve the “impossible”and have happiness in the there life and are actually “free”?

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Did you know that this Secret is been used from famous leaders, pioneers and philosophers around the world 3000 years ago till nowadays, such as Plato, Aristotle, The Great Alexander…and today’s Presidents of various countries and successful entrepreneurs?

Before I reveille you the secret, I would like to explain you a few things before I get to deep into it.

Do you really realize where you are? Where are you stepping?…You are on a “Ball” that spins around in space…called Earth!  That “ball” is into space, into a Galaxy, and that Galaxy is into a Universe, and into that universe are endless other galaxy’s… Do you know what you are? Probably your answer would be: I’m Human. Well my reply to that answer is No, you are not…You are Energy!

Let me explain.

Everything into this universe, and universe it’s self is pure energy…and so we are. Energy is something that was there before the universe, it was never created, and it will always be. It’s the Alpha and Omega of everything, and the good news is is that we are part of it, either we like it or not.

We are surrounded from endless forms of energy’s some known and lot’s of unknown still to discover. Some of the known forms of energy, such as gravity, velocity, heat and etc..are basic stuff we’ve learned at school.

The whole universe with all in it is connected in a perfect balance and harmony, and so we are with no exception! As I mentioned in the upper paragraph the universe is pure energy.

Energy…what is energy?

If you had a microscope and you could look at a molecule (any kind) you could see that into that molecule are Atoms..and inside these atom’s are Neutrons and Protons surrounded by Electrons in a constantly high speed movement.

Everything in this universe, rocks, soil, planets stars, humans, I mean EVERYTHING is made with molecules…including us. The whole universe works under the same principle of an atom inside a molecule and everything is connected in a perfect balance.

So, take a minute and look at your hands…what do you see? You hands? No…if you put your hand under a microscope, you’ll see all of what I mention above, and all of you body is made like that. Did you know that you have so much energy to light up a city like New York? Sound crazy right? Well its not.

You Create Your Own Universe As You Go Along…

You have your own universe inside you…and you are in 100% control of it (Its just you don’t know how yet) and its connected to the outside universe, you are your own “God” and you can create and achieve everything and anything you want!

You brain, your mind, is your temple…That’s where everything starts. Your state of mind is very important.

Here’s how it works: Thoughts Bring Things. (TBT)

In other words, if your thoughts are about “how can I become happy”, the whole universe will work on time to offer you solutions and opportunities that eventually in your daily life these opportunities will show up in front of you.

Here’s an example…how may times have you thought about a car and that car after a few days when you drive at work, or in generally always shows up in front of you in traffic or somewhere else? coincidence? No!

Also be aware…Your life nowadays is the result of your thoughts and emotions. (T&E)

All, That We Are Is The Result Of What We Have Thought.

Yes, according to TBT and T&E you have structured you today’s life…

Believe it or NOT, what you think, how you feel, can trigger the whole universe to bring you an outcome of your thoughts and emotions…If you are not happy with your nowadays state, and can always change your state of mind (the temple of your own universe) into more happy thoughts, positive thinking, and start believing in your self, that will trigger everything to become a reality TBT.

Take The First Step In Faith. You Don’t Have To See The Whole Staircase, Just Take The First Step.”

So, what is the SECRET?

Everything starts from our mind our brain, because our mind is our temple of our own universe that is connected with the rest of the universe in a perfect balance, we are pure energy…and when we trigger thoughts and emotions it will “un-balance” the universe to manifest your thoughts and emotions into reality.

The Ancient Greeks use to say “Healthy Body, Results in a Healthy Mind Set”


So, it’s a very powerful law, but also very simple. If you are always a negative person (negative thoughts) and you don’t believe in your self and you are always blaming about everything and everybody, that’s what you will attract around you, period. Because your mind set and thoughts trigger the universe to manifest whats in your mind.

Have a look at the video below…

The Universe Is Under You Command. Its Like A Catalog Of What You Want…

Your Energy level is very low when you have negative thoughts and generally not believing in your self. Opposite when you are a positive person, having positive thoughts, and believing in your self, your energy level is 10x higher than the negative, and that has a result attracting everything positive around you.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes…

If you don’t really get it yet till know, about what I am talking about…look at it this way: Remember when you where a kid a reading stories about giny’s, making three wishes and etc? Well, somehow it’s reality, only this time there are no limitations…its unlimited, you can have Everything you are asking for in this life, ANYTHING!

If you look at the sky, the universe is under your command, and you can ask anything you want unlimited, just set your mind, your imagination, your beliefs, in such way according the Law Of Attraction, and in time everything will become reality. its just that simple.

All Power Is From Within And Is Therefore Under Your Own Control.

Note: Be aware that there is not Such as “I cannot”, “I can’t”, “I can’t afford it”, “It’s not possible” and etc…Is, I don’t want to do that, Is, I don’t wan’t to find out how I can get the money to pay for it, off course it’s possible EVERYTHING is possible.

Whether You think You Can Or You Can’t Either Way You Are Right.

So, making a long story short, this is what I have being doing a few years now, and my life has changed 180 degrees. And If you are looking to make a change in your life and looking forward for better days, better financial status, freedom in any kind of form…here is what you have to do:

Change your mind set. Be grateful of what you have today, avoid negative thoughts, and forget about the past.

A. Decide what you want in life. Set goals, and stick with your goals no matter what!

What Ever The Mind Of Man Can Conceive, It Can Achieve.

B. Start to imagine your self in the state you want to achieve constantly.

Imagination Is EVERYTHING It Is The Preview Of Life’s Coming Attractions.

C. Make sure when an opportunity shows up, take action and Grab It! Don’t be passive…life is too short!

When You Have Inspired Thought You Have To Trust It And You Have To Take Action On it.

D. Don’t give up, there will be rainy days in your journey, stick to the plan!

What You Persist, Persist.

Finally follow your bliss and the universe will open “doors” for you where there were only walls…* Nobody will understand you…Learn to say NO, and start loving your self.

Alex Venieris

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